Health Workforce Solution – Pilot

Wide Bay Community Connector for skilled workers in Bundaberg

Welcome to Bundaberg is seeking funding for the Wide Bay Community Connector Pilot. An evidenced-based, person-centred, place-based solution for strengthening rural Australia’s professional & skilled workforces. A fully funded pilot for Bundaberg & Wide Bay region would see a community wide approach to improving attraction and retention in the region. 

A collaborative partnership between Wide Bay Kids and Attract Connect Stay, established by Dr. Cath Cosgrave, an authority in rural health workforce development, the Community Connector Program (CCP) is a key strategy for aiding new skilled workers and their families in rural areas. Inspired by a similar initiative in Marathon, Ontario, Canada, the CCP focuses on essential support during the first year of resettlement, that Dr Cosgrave has established is crucial for long-term retention. Its successful pilot between 2021 and 2022 in rural Australia, funded by the Foundation of Regional and Rural Renewal, not only validated its effectiveness but also provided a model for communities to develop their own CCPs.

Our Community Connector will provided the newly arrived skilled worker with a concierge-like service and information tailored to them and their families specific needs.


Funding will expand current services offered by Welcome to Bundaberg

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