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Health Workforce Solution – Pilot

Wide Bay Community Connector for skilled workers in Bundaberg Welcome to Bundaberg is seeking funding for the Wide Bay Community Connector Pilot. An evidenced-based, person-centred, place-based solution for strengthening rural Australia’s professional & skilled workforces. A fully funded pilot for Bundaberg & Wide Bay region would see a community wide approach to improving attraction and retention […]

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Community Priorities

Recommended Community Priorities The community plays a vital role in attracting and retaining a skilled workforce. Here are some ways the community can come together and contribute to this: Create a Belonging Community Culture: Foster a sense of belonging within the community by promoting inclusivity, diversity, and a welcoming environment. Embrace individuals from diverse backgrounds and

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Introduction to Welcome to Bundaberg What is Welcome to Bundaberg? Welcome to Bundaberg aims to help local businesses and industry attract and retain their new resident hires. From primary and secondary research conducted in 2021-2023 we have developed an Attraction and Retention Framework especially for Bundaberg.  We know that during the first 12 months people are adjusting to change

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Welcome to Bundaberg

Add a unique Employee Value Proposition to your workplace

Create a unique Employee Value Proposition for your workforce Let’s talk about Employee Value Proposition (EVP). Do you have a strategy in your business? The EVP is designed to attract, engage, and retain talented individuals in your business. Finding and keeping a skilled workforce is tough, it is competitive, expensive and challenging, especially in regional

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