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The Welcome to Bundaberg project is based on research and evidence-informed projects to assist regions in the attraction and retention of skilled workers and address workforce shortages in Bundaberg. Our articles Moving to Bundaberg and The Road to Relocating are all part of how as a community led organisation, may help new residents feel like they belong when making Bundaberg home.

In regional Queensland, attracting and retaining skilled workers is crucial for economic growth and development. In Bundaberg it is an important part of creating a cohesive community. Traditional strategic priorities are often adapted by government and educational bodies, however, we believe there is another element that is often overlooked, and that is the element of community. Our Recommended Community Priorities article outlines communities responsibility to invest, support and engage everyone to strengthen regional workforce. By working together community groups, organisations and individuals can identify common challenges, pool resources, and develop targeted strategies to attract and retain skilled workers.

Welcome to Bundaberg brings together the people of Bundaberg to support new and existing residents, and visitors, so that we can build a thriving Bundaberg Community for everyone.

Three stage approach includes:

Stage 1: Community Consultation
Stage 2: Stakeholder Engagement
Stage 3: Community Activation

What we learnt in Stage 1: Community Consultation

During our enquiry and research phase, we invited people in our community to answer this question; What is communities role in attracting and retaining skilled workers. We conducted a thematic analysis and formed the following recommendations.

  • Create a Belonging Community Culture
  • Empower Local Industry Champions
  • Promote Outside-of-Work local Buddy Mentors
  • Foster a whole family approach to attraction and retention
  •  Use evidence-based frameworks to activate and empower

What we have been working on:

Based on our research findings and community consultation we have created:

  • Welcome to Bundaberg website and app. It will help new residents connect, learn and experience all the Bundaberg community has to offer. Hosting a variety of resources for newcomers from detailed information about the area, community events and where to find services plus much more.
  • Welcome to Bundaberg Magazine due for release in July 2023, the magazine will help new residents settle into their new home. It contains lots of local information from where to find businesses and services to a snapshot of the key topics, industries and important bits. 5,000 printed annual magazine circulation to various outlets including schools, community service organisations, real estates, Bundaberg tourism and government services.
  • Welcome to Bundaberg physical pack contains lots of great information from locals, discounts and freebees for new residents to enjoy right here in the Wide Bay region. 65 packs and counting distributed in 2023
  • Education for our business and industry partners. How do you create a more belonging community culture within your workplace? Why is fostering a whole family approach to attraction and retention so important? And how do you promote social connection? Operationalising a values-based approach gives shared language and a well-defined culture. We aim to answer these questions, give you the to tools and resources to help you operationalise organisational values into behaviours and so much more in our organisational learning and development modules – Creating a Cohesive Community Culture.
  • Community Connectors for our business and industry partners. We are here to provide assistance and make sure every aspect of the new workforce in your business feel supported. Welcome to Bundaberg Community Connectors meet and mentor your new resident hires in a safe and nurturing environment, with the person at the centre of conversations. From providing information about local businesses, places to go, the where and when from a locals perspectives. Welcome to Bundaberg has everything new hire needs to start feeling like they belong. 

What we are working towards: Stages 2 & 3

Stakeholder Engagement

  • Funding Opportunities
  • Alignment of regional priorities
  • Work together to engage the community to activate shared key priority recommendations.
 Welcome to Bundaberg Community Activation
  • Purpose driven engagement to foster a belonging culture
  • Empower industry champions
  • Local buddy mentors
  • Whole family approach

Contact us today to learn more about our supporting Welcome to Bundaberg and how we can help your business build trust and activate the Bundaberg community. 

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